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By Author Sandra Hale

Step out of the shadows of raising children, being a wife, caring for loved ones, and being a cheerleader for everyone else. Come on queen! It is your time to rise out of the background and shine! It is time to understand why you are still standing strong after all the valleys of deception, mountains of struggle, hills of stress, and desert storms of turmoil you were dragged through.  Look around!  You are Still Standing! Now Make this next season about you. It is not selfish; it is your destiny. 

Who would have thought a small-town country girl, burdened from the beginning with the need to be accepted, to be heard, to be loved, and protected would be here today? Ready to dream, ready to live, ready to love herself, and ready to intentionally use her heartstrings from life as strengths to grow faith and determination. I am a living witness that it does not matter what situation you were born into or what life has dragged you through. God has a plan. With your first inhale as you entered this life, God released your destiny into your young spirit and sealed it with your cry out for life. Before you were born, God already had a purpose planned and ordained for you. We come into this life with everything we need to support and protect our destiny tucked away inside of us. I can’t see God saying, “I forgot to give them that.” Jeremiah 29:11 “‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ says the Lord. ‘They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” (NIV) We are birthed with purpose and as we go through life, every struggle, disappointment, hardship and painful feeling are badges of honor that will support your mission, your call, and your destiny. 

I know now that the heartstrings of a woman are our steppingstones to greatness!  Our Heartstrings are a collective of everything we have survived by God’s Grace.  Heartstrings nourish, connect, push, collect, and hold vitality. They are made up of everything you have been through. Our heartstrings can hold us hostage, halt our progress, keep us stuck, make us fearful or they can propel us forward, inspire our dreams, and drive us toward our destiny. God’s grace is enough. You are still here because God’s love for you will never fail. No longer will we let our past destroy our future, stop looking back at things you cannot change. Know that we are daughters with the promises of God, not a daughter looking for promise. You have spent enough years unfulfilled. 

Awesome job mom, wife, caregiver, aunt, sister, niece, grandmother, and co-worker!  Now it is time for you to start the work that will release the hidden treasures God tucked away within you at birth. I speak life to your new chapter that is about to be written. You are the next woman destined to use her heartstrings to rise above and soar. Take a deep breath and exhale to release those treasures and step out of the shadows. We have been waiting for you!  

Author: Sandra Hale

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Last modified: April 18, 2022