Written by: Billboard Spotlight

Synopsis of Swallowed Up- A Demand on the Greater You

Oftentimes we look at the story of Jonah and relate it to a tale of him running from God. But that’s just a shallow view of the big picture of Jonah. One key factor in growth and maturity in God is to always remain teachable in your walk with God, so he will always remain movable in your life. This book is to help us all understand that although we been swallowed up at some point or another God has GREAT need of you. Whatever your swallowed up is or was you found yourself overtaken by it. You thought that was it for you but, every beast in your life is about to cough you up into DESTINY. Yes! Destiny is calling you, understand, that even in a place of being swallowed up it’s where we encounter God.
God is coming where you are to wreck your life and encounter you. There is a demand for the greater in you to come forth. You can no longer stay in a place of being swallowed up, but to encounter God get up and move in power. This book will cultivate and help catapult you to yielding to the demand and pushing into power.
Believe it or not God is raising up people that will bear his image in the earth and carry his sound and you are that one. God is putting a demand on the greater you to shake every beast in your life, cities, communities, nations, Systems.
Last modified: August 20, 2020