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Teen Goes From Nearly Being Sent To Reform School To Having Book On Curriculum And Teaching Youth To Build Their Businesses With Mom

By Arthia Nixon

Nationwide, USA… Mikey Wren, the 13-year-old St. Louis, Missouri teen who sold over 10,000 books highlighting his success with starting his vending machine business is now empowering others to start their own business as kids.

Wren’s first class is set to begin in January 2021 and he has other courses taking place throughout the year. He is also showing youth how to care for others during this time as he’s helped his mom in her nonprofit providing items to the homeless and less fortunate.

It’s a big dream for a young man who went through a tough year in 2020 that included trials, triumph and admittedly, a lot of emotions.

“There were good things like my books ended up being in the school curriculum and I was recognized with an official day by my city and was officially declared a part of St. Louis history,” recalls Wren. “But we also overcame a lot. We had a lot of in-person workshops set up but of course, COVID shut that down. Then we lost our house in the spring and had to move but we were blessed with another house in the fall. Then the same day I received the historical acknowledgement, I was told I had to go to an alternative school because I was involved in a fight.”

As if that weren’t enough for him to deal with, Wren’s father was badly injured as a result of being shot and seeing him not able to walk and barely able to talk ignited a new level of faith.

“So many people see kids in business but don’t realize that they are just kids,” said Wren’s mother, Arriel. “He admits he is not perfect and the fight was frightening when he was told that they wanted him in a reform school not a regular school. To go from that emotion to walk into a prestigious ceremony and give a powerful uplighting speech is not easy and it turned out to be one of his most impactful speeches to date.”

Wren says he is excited about what’s to come in 2021 as he will halt his vending machine business at 12 machines and his book ‘Mikey Learns About Business’ has been approved for school curriculums through the “Believe Project.” He is also going to shift his Mikey Wren Day into a day to highlight young entrepreneurs and guide and support them on their journey.

“I’m really looking forward to teaming up with my mom to impact more families by coaching and teaching a new generation of kids the good, bad and ugly to business because we don’t learn that in regular school,” said Wren. “In our family, we learned to focus, build generational wealth, take out time for us when we need to but also to share our knowledge. We are lazer focused and we want other families to have that too.”

For more information, visit www.mikeyknowsbiz.com

Last modified: December 17, 2020