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The 24th Annual Super Bowl Soulful Celebration

The 24th Annual Soulful Super Bowl experience was absolutely amazing. This year’s theme was “ Unstoppable”. This spoke volumes from the Red Carpet to the Gospel Celebration and Awards. It was great to be amongst those who were not only serving people, but serving Jesus Christ. Every NFL player, gospel artist and entrepreneur spoke on similar topics that involved trusting the process that God has you in and never giving up on your dreams. They inspired, empowered and uplifted each individual as they were interviewed by a host of many radio hosts, journalists and magazine publishers. This experience to speak gave others the opportunity to meet and greet those who have boldly used their gifts to change lives from all over the world and brought such joy, excitement, empowerment and inspiration to those they encountered . To see and hear their stories and testimonies about how God has blessed their vision, influence through their love for God and desire for others to know him through their platforms spoke volumes. This experience gave other influencers time to speak and interact with like minded individuals who allowed their authenticity to display pure love and respect. This day mirrored a family reunion, everyone coming together not to be seen, but to glorify God for all the things they have successfully achieved with God’s help and provision. This was a day where the words of others encouraged and uplifted everyone in the room through this year’s theme “ Unstoppable “! This is a year to continue to move and build and never give up on your dreams. It reminded everyone to push through the toughest stages in the process and know that when time is right, God will make it happen. It was a pleasure to witness the achievements from the NFL players who are building legacies that will create avenues for others around the world. It was amazing to see what goes on behind the scenes of the football field. So many great players who love God and are using their gifts in talents on and off the field. To be unstoppable, means to be unmoved by the obstacles, un-shaken when God reroutes you in the process, and to be willing to move forward without allowing fear, uncertainty, but to be open, alert, always ready to learn and grow, be true to yourself and enjoy the process without skipping ahead. Always remain humble and know that in any dream that God gives you, you may not have all the answers and things may not make sense in the beginning, but to know that all things are possible with God. This experience encouraged everyone to continue to live for God, follow Him, and trust His path and His plan. The visionary, Melanie Few of this annual celebration believed in her heart and continued to trust the process and the vision that God had given her would come to fruition at the right time. The lesson in her testimony was that even being rejected, God was still working on her behalf and he will do the same thing for you. We would like to thank K.I.S.H. Magazine for the opportunity to be a part of the media/interview team. This was such a phenomenal experience and we look forward to seeing this vision expand.

K.I.S.H. Magazine
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Stephany Smith

Last modified: February 20, 2023