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If Apostle Regina Martin were to describe herself in words she would describe herself as someone who loves God, loves people, audacious, lively with a big personality. To those who are familiar with her ministry she is also known as the Baby Doll Preacher. Although one would assume that the name is because of her looks. The concept of baby doll originated while traveling abroad, she noticed a growing trends in prostitution with the young women. Her heart went out to the women and she wanted to put something together to help with their situation. After much prayer she launched the Baby doll movement, which stand for Bold Amazing Beautiful Youthful Daring Optimistic Loving Loyal. This organization helps to provide funding to educate the young women in different skills, so that they would be able to use the gifts to raise money and empower them to become entrepreneurs.

Being  a senior pastor under 40 and CEO of several companies apostle Martin says that her mother is her inspiration. “I never understood her strength” she said describing her mother as a strong woman who stood through many adversities in life. The way she loved and was able to keep it all together was only through God and prayer. Apostle Martin is the founder of The Embassy Academy, a k-12 private school aimed to provide an exceptional education with a solid spiritual foundation. Apart from that she is also the CEO the House of Baby Doll with caters to the feminine, nontraditional women who have a love for fashion.

With all that she has going on, one must wonder if she even has time for a love life. “Being a single female pastor in a male dominated arena has its pros and its cons” says Apostle Martin. Your life is in the lime light and it seems to be beaming brighter than everyone else. The lime light however serves as a reminder of why you should live an integral life, it serves as a source of accountability. She is currently not dating but if the right person comes around she’s open for courtship because she does desire to be married.

Entrepreneur, pastor, mentor, author and last but not least a mother. She is the mother of two teenage daughters, how does she balance it all? As the old saying goes “it takes a village to raise a child”. It would not be possible to do this without the support of those that love her and her children. In a world where the media will raise your child for you she is intentional about making sure the she spend quality time with her daughters. She never wants them to feel like they’re in competition with her ministry.

Stay tuned for Apostle Martin’s upcoming book entitled “NEXT” and the annual Baby Doll Conference.

I Am Baby Doll 2018

Website: www.reginamartinenterprise.com

Register@ Www.iabd2018.EventBrite.com

Or send payment via PayPal : https://www.paypal.me/ReginaMartinIntl

Date: October 5&6 2018

Location: Georgia International Convention Center (GICC)

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Dr. Regina Martin Is The Senior Pastor Of Embassy Church. She Is The Founder Of Embassy Academy of K-12 Private School & House Of Baby Doll. She Launched The Baby Doll Movement Which Stands For Bold, Amazing, Beautiful, Youthful, Daring, Optimistic, Loving, Loyal. Please Register For Dr. R. Martin’s Baby Doll Conference Movement Today: www.reginamartinenterprise.com-(October 5th & 6th 2018) in Atlanta,GA.

She Is Impacting The Lives Of Young Countless Young Women. By Lifting Them Up From The Dark Depths, Of Prostitution And Despair To Magnificent Heights Of Entrepreneurial Success In The Financial Arena.

In Concert, With Her Own Example Of Stellar Success of Strategic Financial Success!

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