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The Changing of Garments

Isaiah 61:3

To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they may be called the trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that he might be glorified.

We all have garments that we wear every day, just like in the natural our garments change with the seasons the same is applicable in the spirit. We must be very careful not to wear the wrong garment in the wrong season. Garments speak of our mindset Every time we chose to praise God instead of having a pity party we exchange the garments of our old mindset and replace them with kingdom truths. Garments speak of position and identity. Its very critical not to wear false identity concerning your garments. Garment speak of divine empowerment because we are clothed with the power of the Holy Spirit with each new assignment. The Garment that is key to every breakthrough is PRAISE. You must praise God despite opposition, worrying, doubt etc. Where ever you find yourself at in this season make sure you are clothed with the garment of praise. What is praise? Its to commend, express, eulogize, speak highly of, and to be in admiration of. Praise works like a magnifying glass it causes what your focusing on to be magnified. Praising God is key to any situation in life because it gets your focus off the situation and on the problem solver. When you begin to garment yourself with praise it shifts your mindset, it breeds a new since of hope, joy and peace. This month was tough for me being that I was not only fighting off something attacking my body, but I was warring through the attacks of people on my life. Every time I turned around It was something. I was facing a triple storm of dealing with the health of my mother, my own and the intensity of the people we call the church. I’m just being transparent right now. It was rough I found myself asking God to make it all stop, it hurt to the core of me. Everywhere I turned I didn’t see a bridge to cross my way out. There was not one that could sense this affliction and help carry me in the spirit. However, I was still pressing through it all. My husband and I had a conference call to get on and I still did what was required of me. I was in pain from a kidney stone on top of feeling the attacks all around me, yet I pressed. This night when we were done with the prophetic call I was rushed into the hospital. The warfare was real, but God was about to intervene for me. I remember laying on my bed and God said to me get up and praise your way out of this. I said you know what I will admire and commend the one who has the key to bringing me out. I begin to lift up the name of the Lord. I postured myself before him in praise and before I knew it that thing lifted off me. Then I get a text from a very anointed woman of God who picked me up in the spirit. That text said we are warring for you right now. At that time was the same time I was warring in the hospital. Something about this night was quite different, God stepped into this and begin to move on my behalf. The next morning, I called the woman of God back which is my dear friend in the gospel as well. She ministered what took place that night as they were warring for me. I remember the tears falling. God saw me in the mist of it all, God saw my press and heard my prayers. I also felt the breaking in the spirit, the power of praise is real. I’m not telling you something that hasn’t revelated my own life, this is real. This is the time to exchange your old garments of depression, sickness, anger, worry, stress, insecurities with praise. It’s time to Magnify the problem solver, the almighty God. It’s time to clothe yourself with praise exchange your thoughts of victim to victory, failure to overcomer, start seeing yourself already a WINNER. Let your days be filled with praise. Don’t just take coffee breaks, tea breaks and lunch breaks, take a praise break. Praise God for his attributes, his love, grace, mercy, favor, guidance etc. Go ahead exchange your old garment and be clothed with the garments of praise.


In His Royal Service,

Prophetess Ronisha 


Women Empowered To Deliver

Last modified: August 20, 2020