Written by: Women in Ministry

The Healing Cloth: The Power of Healing Through Prayer

Jennifer Nichols expresses the idea of her life through her practicing reciting scripture, prayer, and reflection and gives insight into a unique way by applying the
methods through interaction and some of her transparent stories that model and follow after facing trauma and depression. Prayers were personal and reflective of her battle to overcome she writes for those choosing a new path and wanting to put
it into action.

The questions are for the reader to reflect on and cater to youth, believers who
have faced trauma, women, and new believers. You will be able to pull out your
own story and understand you are not alone in your journey. That Salvation of
Christ spread through this book from myself to other believers that live for Christ
while in a world, not for Christ, getting the message for all to know and receive
Christ Jesus as Savior. For in him, we live, and we breathe. According to Second
Timothy 2:15, It explains to study and show ourselves approved rightfully dividing
the word of truth. Dividing the word of truth is such a key part of the body of
Christ Job and we must seek the holy spirit to do it Jennifer explains.

Every facet of our life must say that we have interpreted and properly applied.
I remember times when I felt like the word was not working in my life. I knew God
was real but why wasn’t his word working for me. I started to take the challenges
that God gave me to apply to my life seriously and started to not just pray, but
speak the word in my life and have faith and obedience in an effort to bring it to

Now it is manifesting in every area of my life and I won’t turn back! It’s a victory
and it applies to anyone who decides to take a step of faith!

Jennifer Nichols encourages others to have their turn at the total best in their life
that they do not have to lack in order to love God the creator but use the principles
in his word and make them applicable to your life!

She knows if she did so, can you! Clean up and Let’s Save was created specifically
to meet the needs of those who had no outlets or skills that they could apply to
create generational wealth! Now she is choosing to solve the problem! Along with
her husband Robert Nichols Co-Founder of Clean up and Let’s Save who will be
handling the labor department of construction, lawn care, and other training of the
organization. That makes an awesome pair! Jennifer will be working to teach the
women how to market their skills through their gifts and create new ones through
creative writing and other avenues. She believes in the community that wants to
rebuild itself and stand on its own hind leg. She believes in fighting the good fight
of faith!

Jennifer Nichols

Last modified: July 13, 2022