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The Mix Interview

The Mix is the first talk show of its time! It’s a powerful platform for the young black voice to heard. A platform that allows them to speak freely and shed light and insight on the hottest topics of our times. The platforms mission is to empower, educate and inspire the generation on what’s possible when they use their voice.
This amazing team wants the world to know that they are HERE!! They are changing the narrative of the youth black voice. You will hear about blacks from the perspectives of blacks. You will hear about relationships, politics, social justice and everything in between from both men and women. They believe in the power of the male and the female voice in the black community!
They want the world to know that they have valid voices and they deserve to be heard! They have created a safe place on this platform for everyone to learn, relate, feel heard and valued.

Precious Simone interviews The Mix!

🗣Spread the word!! You all are in for a special treat!!!! It’s time to get into #themix
It’s time to #talktothefuture!!! Talking to the future means talking to the next generation of leaders! The next generation to pave the way in all disciplines and in all industries!!

Had the wonderful privilege of interviewing this powerful team today!! Thanks to Kishma George with KISH Magazine!! Such an honor to be on your team!!!

@majorgirl and her dynamic team @antonpeeples @romeomiller @zonniquejailee @jamieedubose @jazzanderson have joined forces and started their new talk show The Mix!!!!! It’s definitely a VIBE!! A talk show you don’t want to miss!!

•Millenials & Gen Z talking about the hottest topics of our times!

•Everything from politics, protest, relationships, abstinence and so much more!!!

•They are here letting their voices be heard!! They are letting the younger generation know that there is a safe place to come and be heard, supported, educated and empowered. They are changing the narrative of the young black voice and you don’t want to miss it!!! Grab some popcorn, some tea or whatever snack you need and get the young adults on the channel that they can relate and connect to!! Tune in Live on Tuesdays 10pm ET/ 7pm PT

•Special thanks to Pamela Davis for the lovely flyer!

Last modified: August 21, 2020