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The Wilderness Is Over! By Prophetess Crystal N. Tolbert

Isaiah 35:1 The desert and the parched land will be glad; the wilderness will rejoice and blossom. Like the crocus.

I want to encourage someone today, who may feel like they are a failure or not where they thought they would be in this season of their life. Also, for the very person that has secretly struggled with throwing in towel because you passed the test, you gave more, you loved harder, you walk the walk of good faith, you turned the other cheek & still no evidence!

Please go on a journey with me today, go back to a time when God gave you a word directly from Him to give you strength to endure & awaken the dead areas of your life. Do you remember how encouraged you felt at that particular time in your life? Well on today, I am speaking directly to you. Throughout this journey of life, we make mistakes, have tragedies that occur, bad relationships, bad debt, setbacks & misfortunes. The objective or purpose for all that has occurred, was to teach you the true fundamentals of life. Every heartache, trial, disappointment, & setback was to push you into the place that God desires you to be. As I look back over my life, I see the mistakes that I have made, and I have realized that had I not went through the many trials & tribulations, I would not be able to appreciate where I am now. One day, God spoke to me, he said even in the wilderness they were provided for. That messed me up because of course he was talking about the Children of Israel. (Exodus 15:22-27)

I decree that on today God sent me as a reminder to you, to let you know that your wilderness of disaster has just been denounced! I dare you to praise God and watch him send flames to your wilderness! You have been in the wilderness of hurt, & agony too long… This very thing tried to take your Faith and your belief in God, but it has been dismantled Saith the Lord! Somebody has shaken the Heavens and God had to come and see about you.

I am blessing God for the very person that knows this was for them!! Glory & Hallelujah there is a Freedom amongst the Land and the forecast of warfare to strangle and suffocate the People of God has been removed saith the Lord!


Heavenly Father, 

I ask that you ignite the Faith, of the person that is reading this article on today, I pray increases be upon their hand for their sacrifices that they have sown into many. May God give you balance in the areas it is most needed & May you see increase manifest quickly on some things you have been petitioning God on! In Jesus Name I pray Amen.

Let’s Walk in Greatness together!


✍🏼~Lady C. Tolbert A.K.A. #KingdomScribe

Crystal N. Tolbert
Founder & Executive Director
Walking in Greatness Ministries-“Great Minds Come Together IV Purpose”
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Last modified: August 7, 2020