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Thomas Boyce III, Exciting Rising Star

Interviewed By Zoey & Kesha Robinson
Photographer credit: Rowan Daly

Thomas Boyce III. Thomas is an extremely multi-talented actor, artist, comedian and entrepreneur. Best known for his roles in “Wonder London”, “Neuroblast”, and “Wayne Brady’s Comedy IQ.” He now stars as an ensemble lead in the new and highly-anticipated Disney+ movie, CRATER. The film is a science fiction coming-of-age tale about a crew of young teens who embark on a galactic adventure together. They journey to explore a mysterious crater as one final adventure, prior to one of them being permanently relocated to another planet. The film is directed by Kyle Patrick Alvarez and additionally stars Isaiah Russell-Bailey, McKenna Grace, Billy Barratt, Orson Hong and American rapper Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi, commonly known as “Kid Cudi.” The film is set to be released on the streaming service May 12, 2023.

Interview with Thomas Boyce

Kesha: So who would you consider are your biggest inspirations in the industry?

Thomas: I’d say Viola Davis is a big one. I just love all of her work. She’s never turned in a bad performance and I feel like we don’t talk about her enough. I love Daniel Kaluuya. It’s like he just burst onto the scene and everything he’s done, I just have to watch it. My biggest one would probably be Donald Glover. You know, he’s one of the younger ones. And he’s done everything that I’ve done and love to do and like mastered it all. You know, acting, comedy, music, like he’s just a giant and also writing and directing. So he’s probably my biggest one.

Kesha: Okay, wonderful.

Zoey: What do you love most about what you do?

Thomas: You know, you’re so cute by the way, like you’re just adorable.

Zoey: Thank you!

Thomas: Man, I love to be able to submerge an audience into this fictional world and make them feel like they’re there and just completely engross them in a story. Like just having them locked in. I think that is the most beautiful thing about acting. Whenever you’re sitting in a theater, that was the worst thing about COVID, well not the worst thing. But one of the things I couldn’t stand about COVID was that we couldn’t go to movie theaters and enjoy that experience. Whenever you’re watching a movie and everyone’s like gasping or everyone’s all laughing together, that’s what I live for. It’s so wonderful and amazing. And having people engrossed in the story is probably my favorite thing.

Kesha: Awesome! So who are your biggest supporters behind the scenes?

Thomas: Definitely my parents. Huge supporters of mine. I don’t know how any actor or even musician or anyone in any kind of creative field can get really far, young without the extreme support of their parents or guardian. You know, my parents have been there every step of the way. I gotta attest all of my success to them because I couldn’t have done it without them.

Kesha: Amazing. Amazing!

Zoey: What is the greatest hurdle you’ve had to overcome to get to this point?

Thomas: That’s a wonderful question. It’s the fear of rejection. To be an actor, you have to be able to be confident in what you do and you can’t let no’s or yeses get to your head. You’re gonna get so many no’s before you get one yes. And it’s not necessarily because you’re a bad actor, you just might not be fit for that role, whether it’s, maybe you’re too tall, maybe your eyes are too blue. You know, it’s just one of those things where you don’t know what the casting director is thinking or what the creative process is with that. And you just have to be ready for rejection and not let it rock you in any kind of way.

Kesha: Wow, that’s wonderful words of wisdom. What advice would you give to other young people who want to establish an acting career?

Thomas: The number one advice I would give to anyone that wants to have any kind of acting career is to be consistent. That is the most important thing, consistency. That is the key to success. Constantly going out and trying and acting and just doing as much as you can. Consistency is important in any kind of field —the work you want to do, whether that’s acting, music, whether you want to be a journalist; anything requires consistency to see that success. And I’d also say belief in yourself is also huge. You have to believe in yourself. If you are unsure about acting, if you’re unsure whether you love it, I would say to cut your losses because, you know, so many people want to be actors; there’s so many people that are talented, maybe even more talented than you or the people less talented than you getting opportunities. And if this isn’t something that you absolutely 100% love to do without a shadow of a doubt, you know, there’s always accounting, teaching, you know…I think to have success in this field, you have to really love it and to be completely consistent and to believe in yourself. Because let’s say everyone that believes in you or had believed in you doesn’t believe in you anymore. Are you gonna give up? Are you gonna quit now? You have to believe in yourself. I think that consistency is the number one most important key in an acting career.

Kesha: I love it. I love it!

Zoey: How can people connect with you through social media?

Thomas: You can connect with me on Instagram @thethomasboyce. Absolutely, you can check out what I’m doing over there. You can see me without blond hair, if you’re interested in that. And it’s awesome, you guys can go and check it out. Oh, and you can definitely connect with me on May 12th on your television screen, laptop, computer, phone, anything on Disney plus “Crater” is coming out, it’s a wonderful coming-of-age tale. It’s about adventure and friendship and love and family. Please check that out on Disney plus. Anybody from your grandma to your young daughter or child. Everybody has something they can take away from this film. You should really check it out!

Kesha: Yes, we’re excited about it.

Thomas: Thank you very much.

Kesha: Congratulations on all of your success. We’re excited about “Crater” and we’re excited about the other projects you’re working on. And we just appreciate your time today. Thank you so much for taking the time out for this interview. Is there anything else you wanted to share?

Thomas: No, I think that’s it. You guys really covered everything. Thank you guys so much. It’s been so wonderful speaking with you. And I hope you guys have a great day.

Kesha & Zoey: You as well. Thanks so much.

Kesha & Zoey Robinson are a mother-daughter duo. Kesha is a best-selling author, business owner, and creative entrepreneur. She is the Executive Producer for her daughter’s YouTube and television platform Zoey TV. Zoey Robinson is an eight-year old best-selling author, entrepreneur, and certified game & app developer. She has released eleven books since January 2020. Together, they are on a mission to spread positivity, creativity and joy throughout the world.

Last modified: May 11, 2023