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ThriveHER: Uniting Women Through Visionary Leadership

Originating from Brunswick, GA, Sonya McKinzie is a devoted single mother to her extraordinary 13-year-old daughter, whom she regards as her greatest gift from God. A survivor of domestic violence, PTSD, and anxiety for over two decades, Sonya embodies the essence of endurance, proving that one can break free from the chains of abuse. 

In 2003, she embarked on a transformative journey to Marietta, GA, to reclaim her life from a past filled with fear. She evolved from a state of victimhood to one of victory, offering hope and guidance to those striving to fortify their lives against the scourge of abuse.

Sonya’s quest for self-betterment led her to seek serenity and purpose. Driven by a desire to flourish within a realm of faith and personal growth, she pursued new vocational avenues, only to confront the limitations of her educational background. Resolutely, Sonya pursued higher education, embracing the liberating power of knowledge—a treasure impervious to the grasp of any abuser. She attained degrees in Business Administration (A.A.), Business Management (B.A.), and Human Services Counseling (M.A.), with minors in Addictions & Recovery. Additionally, she acquired five certifications in fields centered around human welfare: Victims Advocacy, Corporate Leadership and Management, Call Center Management, Six Sigma (Green Belt), and Human Resources.

Beyond her scholastic accomplishments, Sonya is due to receive an honorary doctorate in Humanitarianism in June 2024 because of her unwavering commitment to those in need and her fight to eradicate domestic violence and empower young girls to be strong and create footprints that will create a legacy for years to come. 

Dr. Sonya is a certified trauma and recovery life coach and has become a prominent figure in the Marsys Law Movement, which successfully advocated for legislation that changes how victims are informed about the release of their abusers from prison. An author of 13 books, predominantly focused on healing and navigating the aftermath of abuse and trauma, Sonya contributes a rich reservoir of knowledge and expertise to her role as an advocate.

As the Founder and Executive Director of ThriveHER Incorporated (formerly known as Women of Virtue Transitional Foundation), established in 2016, Sonya has been guided towards her divine purpose and passion by a divine vision to foster genuine, transparent awareness that exposes the signs of domestic violence and abuse. Her eloquent advocacy has served to connect the public, survivors, victims, and their families, amplifying the voices of those who have triumphed over domestic adversity.

After four years of running from her calling to write a book that would bring women who had endured all forms of pain and trauma together to shake the world and the axis that it rotates on. Fast forward four years, Dr. Sonya is the visionary on the forthcoming “The Blueprint of a ThriveHER”. 

The Blueprint of a ThriveHER: Uniting Women Through Visionary Leadership

In the realm of empowerment and healing, few names resonate as profoundly as Sonya McKinzie. A visionary, advocate, and beacon of hope, McKinzie has carved a path for women to not only survive but to thrive. Her initiative, aptly named ThriveHER, is more than a program—it’s a movement, a blueprint for women to reclaim their voices and power.

At the heart of ThriveHER is the principle of unity. McKinzie understands that bringing women together creates a formidable force for change. It’s about creating a community where women can find solace, strength, and support. community.

The Impact of ThriveHER

ThriveHER goes beyond the pages of a book. McKinzie’s vision encompasses conferences, educational materials, and products that aid survivors. The trademark “ThriveHER” is set to become a program hosting women’s conferences, offering resources, and providing a platform for women to step into philanthropy and advocacy3.

Sonya McKinzie’s ThriveHER is a blueprint for what it means to thrive. It’s a call to action for women to unite, share, and grow together. McKinzie’s visionary leadership has created a space where women are not just surviving—they are thriving, and in doing so, they are changing the world. Inspired by her 13-year-old daughter and her mother, has been inspired to keep pushing toward the finish line when she questioned her abilities.  

To learn more about ThriveHER and join this transformative project, visit the book anthology information and registration page.

Sonya McKinzie’s businesses: ThriveHER Inc and ThriveHER Movement Coaching and Consulting are shining examples of how one person’s vision can ignite a collective journey of empowerment and triumph. It’s a reminder that when women come together, the possibilities are limitless.

ThriveHER Inc Website: https://www.thriveher.me
ThriveHER Movement Coaching & Consulting LLC:  psychologytoday.com/drsonyamckinzie
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ThriveHERInc/
The Blogging ThriveHER: https://thebloggingthriveher.wordpress.com/

Last modified: April 17, 2024