Written by: Women in Ministry

Trailblazer on the Move!

Maria Ushery, A Delaware native, Is a proud mother of three amazing children and two beloved grandchildren. Her deep-rooted connection to her home state and her role as a nurturing, parent and grandparent shaped her identity.

Maria has devoted two decades to ministry, establishing Women of Outreach, a prayer focus organization. She is also the mastermind behind The Process Conference, an empowering annual event that promotes self-development and encouragement for attendees.

Maria Ushery, a devout woman, has been selected by the Holy Spirit to spread the teachings of the gospel. Driven by her unshakable faith and reference for God, she is dedicated to fulfill this divine mission.

Maria has been tasked with a mission to heal the brokenhearted, liberate the captives, and free those who were bound. (Isaiah 61:1) This mission serves to bring hope, comfort, and freedom to those who are in desperate need.

In June 2019, she took on the role of a Pastor, accepting the responsibility with open arms. Then in February 2020, God revealed to her the scripture Philippians 1:6, Which gave her the confidence that he will continue his good work in her. This Divine calling led her to establish Rebuilders Faith Ministries, Inc. As she firmly believes that there is still more to come.

Pastor Maria, A certified Christian counselor, certified life coach, and a theology graduate from Andersonville seminary, possesses a Wealth of knowledge and expertise. With her extensive training, she offers invaluable guidance and Support to individual seeking spiritual and emotional growth, Helping them navigate life challenges with Faith and resilience.

In December 2023, Pastor Maria reaches a significant milestone as she publishes her first book and journal. This achievement marks a pivotal moment in her journey, highlighting her dedication and passion for sharing her wisdom and experiences with others.

Pastor Maria is widely recognized for her unwavering devotion and selfless dedication to serving God‘s people. She has made significant contributions in spreading the teachings of the kingdom, leaving a lasting impact through her profound love and Commitment to God’s word.


Last modified: February 23, 2024