Written by: Women in Ministry

Trailblazer on the Move!!! Jacqueline C. Griffith

Jacqueline C. Griffith has dedicated her life to shape the lives of youth through providing education and instilling proper guidance. Her innovative curriculum has set the tone in the industry, making her a sought after educational consultant. As a result, she was featured by The United Teacher Federation, demonstrating the methodology and intricacies of her program’s curriculum. Her awareness, wisdom, and ambition has caused a disruption in the childcare industry, which has forged a new path for educators on a national level.

Drawing on three decades of experience, she is proficient in the field of Early Childhood Education, maternal services coordination, childcare directorship and residential counseling, social work, and community/public relations.

Jacqueline is an author, motivational speaker, and coach to both national and international clients in the child care industry. Her organization, Savvy Child Care Consulting Service, provides entrepreneurs, CEOs, and directors practical solutions to starting and maintaining a childcare business, developing childcare strategies, transforming spaces into childcare environments, setting personal goals, developing essential business techniques, and discovering profitable practices.

Jacqueline’s newest endeavor is a children’s clothing line and brand called CHILD MOGUL. Her belief is that every child’s birth right is to become a “mogul”.

Last modified: October 24, 2023