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Ambassador Dr. Nephetina L. Serrano
Relationship Expert, The Marriage CEO ®

United Nations Global Ambassador for Peace, Relationship Expert, Counselor, International Transformational Speaker, Publisher, Award Winning & Best Selling Author, Evangelist, Certified Life Coach, Mentor, TV Host, Humanitarian

Dr. Nephetina United Nations Ambassador for Peace, Woman of Achievement U.S. National Ambassador Queen 2022, and African Women Health Project International Director for the Philadelphia Tristate Global Chapter (PTGC). She is the Chief Publisher of Serrano Legacy Publishing Co. Ensure authors are empowered by publishing compelling stories, establishing a lasting literary legacy in a spirit of integrity, excellence, and love. Dr. Serrano is an International Transformational Speaker, determined, committed influencer, and thought leader who is changing the game and making a difference in the lives of women, girls, and couples globally.

Dr. Serrano has been married to Ambassador Dr. Richard Serrano for over 33 years with one bonus daughter Brande Serrano. They co-founded Covenant Marriages, Inc., Covenant Marriages Institute, and Covenant Rescue 911 501©3 nonprofit 24-hour hotline for couples and families in crisis. They have an outside-the-four-walls ministry, helping couples in transitional phases within their marriage while providing a learning platform for singles preparing to embark on their marital journey. Together with their nonprofit organization Covenant Rescue 911 to build a 72-hour overnight care oasis facility, the Serranoes’ will co-host their new upcoming Television Show “The Serrano Show” airing on Facebook Live every Thursday at 8 PM EST.

Dr. Nephetina Serrano is an award winning multiple bestselling author who co-authored and published the book, The Marriage Corporation highlight is the organizational needs of a covenant marriage. She then launched Marriage CEO Magazine for the Entrepreneur Who Leads, Building Legacy, a publication tailored to meet the relationship needs of couples and individuals, especially those in leadership positions in the community, marketplace, and ministry.

Dr. Serrano has a Doctorate of Philosophy in Business Administration, an Honorary Doctorate in Humanitarian, a Certified Business & Entrepreneurship Coach, a Certified Counselor, and a member of The National Biblical Counseling Association NBCA. Certified Marriage and Relationship Life Coach, Licensed & Ordained Evangelist, and Mentor. She has mentored young women and girls within and outside her community. Dr. Serrano is the Director of African Women Health Project International, AWPHI, Philadelphia Tristate Global Chapter, PTGC, and likewise held positions of Board member and advisor mentor of KISH Home Inc., Big Brothers and Big Sisters, President of Young Women Christian Counsel, and more.

Dr. Serrano has received countless awards and certificates honoring and acknowledging her Humanitarian contributions nationally and globally, the recipient of the prestigious President’s Legacy LIFETIME Achievement Award signed by the 44th President, Barack Obama and the Lifetime Achievement Award 2022 and 2021, signed by President Joe Biden. Courageous Magazine, Top 10 to Watch in 2023. Power UP Summit Entrepreneur of the YEAR 2022, G9 Global Icon Award Dubai 2022, Success Magazine named her one of the 100 Best Life Coaches of 2021, and The City Council for the City of Philadelphia honored her with a CITATION recognizing her contribution to women. The Echoes of Africa, Mayor Commission on African and Caribbean Immigrant Affairs, The SIMA Global Award, Women of Wealth Award, Publishers Golden Eagle Award, Women of Achievement U.S. National Ambassador Crown and Platform Award, ACHI Magazine Woman of Inspiration Award 2019, State of California SENATE recognition in honor of GSFE Senator Richard D. Roth 31st District California Legislature Assembly Game Changer Award, Assembly Member 61st District Jose Medina 2021 County of Riverside Influencer Award, County of Los Angeles California Commendation Dedicated Service to Community Award Supervisor, First District Hilda L. Solis, Catalyst for Change Girls with Pearls Award and many more.

Dr. Serrano’s other best-selling books include RISE UP Women Who Lead Building Legacy, Make It Happen, No Matter What You Can Make It, This Is How I Fight My Battles, The Price of Greatness and Trailblazers Who Lead II Unsung Heroes, other books include, When Doves Cry-Stories That Heal, Stilettos Stand Diaries Exposed, The Birthing Place Five-Fold Ministry, Wives on Fire, Ain’t No PLAN “B” and, Love Your Haters.



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The Vision: To encourage, uplift, and inspire you to rise, move forward into your destiny and God-ordained purpose, model the way for the next generation of young women, and teach them no matter how hard you fall, you must not stay there, Dr. Serrano supports couples to achieve balance and stability in life and business through biblical principles and to build more effective communication in their marriage and relationship, Dr. Serrano vision, build a 72-hour overnight care oasis for a couple or family in crisis, a place where couples can receive the necessary urgent care, heal, be restored, find peace, and provided with the tools to rebuild and continue the journey toward oneness and forever. Her motto is: “Save a marriage, Save a community.”

Last modified: September 29, 2023