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Trendsetter on the Move!

Keisha Le’Toy Glass is a Trendsetter who is devoted to her God given purpose unapologetically. She unleashed her comfort and overcame many obstacles by embracing her past to pursue her dreams. Keisha Le’Toy Glass is a 6x Best Seller and Multi-International Author, a Certified Mindset Coach, and a Businesswoman who shares her story with messages of Faith, Freedom and Fashion. She believes passionately in God’s Word and understands the importance of keeping God first. She thrives in serving women (especially Single women) from being bitter to being better.

Keisha is the COO of Keisha Le’Toy Kollection, her very own Christian clothing and beauty brand with fearless accessories for women to enhance their natural beauty. Her motto is: Fringe your Fashion and Tassel your Style. Keisha welcomes every woman with their own unique style, and she shares her own flavor of fashion and creativity. Keisha holds an associate degree in biblical studies. She is also COO of Keisha Le’Toy Publishing, where she has published her first book in 2017 called, “SINGLE Lane, and the book, “I Murdered Procrastination.” She has collaborated and co-authored eight compilation books and has traveled the world internationally.

 Keisha has been featured in various magazines and appeared on several TV and Radio Broadcast Shows. She was also honored to receive “The Iconic Woman Award as an instructor from the “H.E.R School of Women in Ministry.”

Keisha is all about pressing forward to the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. She is a TV & Radio Show Co-Host and partner with Anointed Radio Network. She is also embarking on her very own Podcast Radio Show of Keisha Le’Toy International branding for the kingdom with motivation, inspiration, and elevation.

Keisha is a member of Full Counsel Metro Church, North Little Rock, Arkansas. Her pastor is Apostle Silas Johnson. Keisha loves her church and appreciate God for the spiritual growth she has experienced and the wisdom she receives from her Man of God.

Keisha is a Wife, Mother and Influencer of her community and she thrives to enhancing her wisdom and gaining the knowledge she needs to fulfill her purpose.
For booking: www.KeishaLeToy.net or email: info@KeishaLeToy.net Follow her on social media.

Facebook: @KeishaLeToyGlass & @KeishaLeToyInternational Facebook Community Page for Singles: @SingleLane
Instagram: @Keisha_LeToy
YouTube: KeishaLe’ToyInternational
TikTok: @KeishaLeToyGlass & Twitter: @KeishaLeToyInternational

Last modified: February 23, 2024