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BY:  Prophetess Natisha E. Wilson

It’s been a long time coming, but thanks be to God, I made it.  I didn’t always understand it but I am here.  I tried to run from it but instead I ran into it.  Thought I could hide from it but oh no, it found me.  Like the Old Testament Prophet Jeremiah, I thought I could contain it.  On the contrary, God had unleashed it.

Let me be the first to say that time is of the essence.  Don’t waste another minute or another day.  Goooo!!  Do the work!  Pursue and conquer!  Take flight and soar!  Shake off excuses and be diligent!  Release fear and be courageous!  God has brought you to this very moment.  Seize it!  Take authority!  Be unleashed!

God is calling us forth for such a time as this.  This is the hour to say “Yes”. This is the hour to obey.  This is the hour to move forward like never before.  This is the hour to make it count.  This is the hour to rise up.  Now is the hour to speak.  Grab a hold onto destiny and be released!

By the power invested in me by the Lord Jesus Christ, I am sounding the alarm!  Hear the trumpet sound.  True prophets, rise up and come forth!  Declare what thus saith the Lord.  This is my battle cry.  Ahhhh!  Soldiers, were you at?  Arm yourselves!  Time to take charge!  

Scripture warns us that the time would come when men will not endure sound doctrine.  We now know that these days are those perilous times.  Therefore, we must stand up for the faith!  We must preach the faith!  We must contend for the faith!  Let us be unleashed for the faith!

We cannot afford to pull back now.  Stir up the gift!  Tap into your God-given potential.  Embrace purpose and persevere…for God is with us!  We shall overcome.  God has given us dominion.  Feel the authority in my voice.  We subdue kingdoms; for we are KINGDOM!  Come from behind the veil.  Be revealed!  The truth shall prevail.  Hear the clarion call!  Take heed to this prophetic word and pick up the mantle!  Know what’s at stake and fight for it.  Catch the revelation!

Nothing shall hinder you.  You are capable!  You are a leader!  You are unstoppable!  You are shifting into greatness even now!  I come to serve you notice.  You were born for this!  God in Heaven has ordained you for this.  Rise up like a phoenix and be fearless!  I prophesy that you shall never be the same.  The Glory shall follow you!  God has gifted you!  Your obedience has sanctioned divine blessings just for you.  Go after it!  Possess it!  Unleash it!

I am Prophetess Natisha Wilson and let the truth be revealed!  The gift has been shifted.  The prophecy has been unleashed.  God has given me the honor of birthing my first book, “Prophecy Unleashed:  Truth Revealed” available on Amazon.com; please see the link below.  Also, I can be found on the following social media outlets:

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Last modified: April 19, 2021