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Walk Into Purpose by Ronisha Williams

I wanted to do a blog that was all about you, Yes You! Why? Often times we have so much purpose and greatness inside of us, but we allow distractions or fear to hinder us. I want to inspire, empower and encourage you through this blog. Now is truly time to walk into purpose, you can’t let nothing stop you or block you. I want to share a story with you in hopes of pushing you to step out the boat like Peter did in the Bible.

I have a 18 year old son who has purpose and greatness all over him, yet he didn’t see it. I’ve once said everyone has the potential to be great, but unless you recognize what’s in you, you will never begin to maximize your greatness. My son didn’t recognize the potential to be great so he went through so much. He started playing basketball around 7th grade, he had to learn the game. By the time he got into high school he tried out for the team and got cut. On top of being cut he was bullied a lot at school and was told he wasn’t good enough. Now because of this he went through a broken period and begin to rebel at home and school. This young man who loved God and was prophesied to that his future was going to be great was going through his process. My son begin to doubt God and even question if God was real. His grades begin to suffer, he didn’t see his potential and the greatness God put inside him so he fumbled.

During this phase of his life it was hard for me as a parent to see him go through this but I had to trust God. I had to allow my son to go through his process, we all have too. I depended on the wisdom of God and prayer to get us through this. I would encourage my son and tell him all the things God promised him will come to pass. I also told him he had to trust God because everyone’s story is different and God was building his. Tenth grade year he got cut again from the team and was told he wasn’t good enough. It was a rough year for him but through the grace of God we got through it. By 11th grade something came alive in him. My husband and I would talk to him, push him and pray for him, with all that he still had to see and believe it for himself. He got cut from the team again but this time it was different. When he got cut instead of getting made and fighting his process and journey he took a different approach. He said mom I’m going to work hard, where my skills are weak I’m going to improve and where I’m strong I’m going to get great at. He took the time and accountability for the times he made bad decisions in school and made up his credits and worked hard consistently on his basketball skills.

By the end of 11th grade his mindset, attitude and posture before God had shifted. He was working so hard on school, basketball and his relationship with God. Then God did the unthinkable and moved our family to Dallas, Texas. At this time my son didn’t know where he stood with graduating on time. During the last month of summer before school started in Texas my son worked hard at a gym he found down the street from our house. It would be at this gym where he was going faithfully early hours in the morning that a coach recognized his skill. He got in touch with my husband and I and talked to us about Adriel coming to his school. God is so faithful because it’s one of the best schools in Dallas Texas. We had to apply for our kids to be accepted all three of our kids were. We also found that our son worked so hard on making up his credits that he had more than enough to graduate on time.

His senior year has been the Best year for him he scores an average of 26 points per game. His relationship with God is notable and amazing. My son never gave up even when it got hard and he wanted to give up he didn’t. He’s about to graduate and go to college for basketball and business.

Why did I share his story? Because many of you have given up, got discouraged with your purpose. You can’t, you have to believe in yourself when no one else does. You have to believe God at His word, He will never fail you. Walking into your purpose takes faith, consistency and tenacity, you have to walk it out. Hard work and dedication pays off so go back start that business, do the ministry God has put down inside you, go be great and do it on purpose. Obstacles will come but it’s to build you, strengthen you, so take it as a learning lesson, master it and keep pushing forward.

Parents encourage your children, support them, never give up on them. If no one believe in them you do and show it, be supportive and always use Godly wisdom.

Remember we all have the potential to be great, but unless we recognize what’s in us we will never begin to maximize the greatness inside us.

James 2:17 is fitting for this blog, even when you believe and have faith you have to work at what you do not see.
“Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone.”
My son didn’t see the results or what would bring him into his now, but he worked at his dream, he took a leap of faith and begin to work at his skill.

You have to not only step out on faith and walk into purpose but work at the results you don’t see and watch things turn in your favor.

For that one reading this go back and finish that book you don’t see it now but it’s going work out in your favor. Be consistent and don’t measure your now with you next, stay the course God has you on and walk out purpose on purpose.

This was a long blog but it’s worth every word to empower and inspire you to live again, Dream again and walk into purpose. Remember never give up, keep putting one step in front of the other no matter what it looks like. I’m rooting for YOU!

Ronisha Williams
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Last modified: August 20, 2020