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What really Stops us from following our Dream by: Albrean Wordsworth

What really stops us from following our dreams?

A number of things can get in the way of you following your dreams. Let’s face it. Ever since we were little kids, we have always thought of the word “Dream” to be something extraordinary, something aside from what we experience in our reality. Then as we get older, we tend to actually separate our dreams from our reality. Even in our everyday phrases such as one saying, “In your dreams”. We tend to overlook the fact that our dreams can actually be our reality, if we make it our reality that is. Another thing that may get in the way of us following our dreams is comfortability. Sometimes as humans we get too comfortable, it is human nature to seek comfort, when we get too uncomfortable, our bodies react with the release of chemicals, that make us feel anxious or fearful. This is what makes us think being uncomfortable is a bad thing. When in actuality, it really is not. As humans we need to strive outside of our comfort zone to achieve things that we have never achieved before, that’s how you get closer to your dreams. Fear is what stops us from pursing our dreams—the fear of being uncomfortable or not being accepted. As humans we want to be accepted and we are afraid of denial, we are afraid to fail, but it is proven that the most successful people in the world today have failed at least three times before they succeeded. That’s what makes you successful, learning from your failures, if you never try—you can never fail. But If you never fail, you can’t succeed. It’s true, the fear of failing is what stop us from following our dreams.

The other day I came across an Instagram post that read “You cannot google an outline for what God has destined you to create”. This post touched me because it is so true. We are all guilty of this. If no one else is doing it, or if we don’t see our dreams as something that relates to social trends, we tend to think that our dream is something that is impossible, just because it has not been done yet. This is a damaging way to think. We are the creator of our own dreams. We cannot google or search for ways in other people for how to make our dreams come true. Priorities is another big reason, or shall I say excuse for us not following our dreams. We tend to prioritize everything else such as jobs we don’t even like. We used these priorities as excuses for us to delay our goals. Why is that? There’s a song out there called Priorities by Sy Ari Da Kid. In this song he talks about making his priorities an excuse for not having time for things that were really important to him, such as the women in his life. He explains that, when it was all said and done, he regrets it because he really has nothing left that is valuable to him, in the end he ends up alone because he prioritized things that were unimportant. Let’s pretend our dreams is a person, that special person in our life and we keep putting everything before them, eventually we will lose it. We will end up with things that are not important us—such as that job we hate so much and lose sight of what means the world to us like our dreams. Rule number one is never lose sight of what is most important to you!

Here are some of the techniques you can use to follow your dream and keep them in plain view. First step is, always be ready to start! Always be willing to drop any and everything that you are doing to take opportunities that contribute to your dreams. Also, always be ready to elevate. Be ready to step out of your comfort zone to reach newer and bigger heights. Be innovative, let your mind wonder beyond the limits of your imagination, remember the impossible is always possible. Be ready to take charge, don’t limit yourself because of what everybody else is doing, be the one to make an impact—make a difference! Formal rules to life won’t always help you to get out there and claim what is truly yours! You can also set an expectation, what outcomes are you looking for? If you engage in certain behaviors, what impact will it have on fulfilling your dreams? Last but not least, trust yourself and your process. Take note of your failures because that will be your biggest teacher. Understand that nothing worth having comes easy, and your dreams are worth it! Go and follow your dreams!

Last modified: August 11, 2020