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Women Evolve 2023

Women Evolve 2023
Arlington Texas 
Photos credit:The Women Evolve Media Team 
Contributing Writer: Stephany Smith 

The Women Evolve Women’s Conference 2023 was held at the Globe Life Field Stadium in Arlington, Texas, and hosted by Pastor Sarah Jakes-Roberts. This conference echoed the heart of God concerning his daughters. This three-day power-packed experience welcomed about forty thousand women who traveled all around the globe. This conference was designed for women ready to walk in courage and confidence on a new level and evolve in all life areas.

This conference promoted a safe place for women to be open, to be themselves with no judgment, and to view transparency from pure-hearted people who love and serve God. Transparency was a key factor at Women Evolve because many women needed to see that regardless of the titles, we all have been in relatable situations, we have all had to endure trials and that despite personal views, that God’s purpose will always prevail. This conference encouraged, inspired, and activated faith in the women on the verge of their breakthrough to EVOLVE. Evolving means to develop gradually, especially from a simple to a more complex form.

Pastor Sarah Jakes-Roberts uniquely curated sessions to help women advance in building courage, sharing the importance of mental health care, physical health, overall love of self and embracing body and loving our bodies,  finances and producing streams of income, and receiving wisdom from a man’s perspective concerning several topics and ministry. The speakers were divinely chosen to release words of empowerment and encouragement and help transform thousands of women’s lives. Women Evolved speakers featured Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts, Founder of Women Evolve,  Bishop T.D. Jakes, C.E.O. of T.D. Jakes Group, Toure’ Roberts, Found of ONE|A Potter’s House Church, First Lady Serita Jakes, Executive Director of Women and Children Affairs,  Research Professor Brene’ Brown, C.E.O. of Franklin Entertainment, Devon Franklin, whom K.I.S.H. Magazine Media Team had the pleasure of interviewing with.

More speakers included Pastor Cheryl Brady, Potter’s House Dallas North; Actress, Author, and Comedian Yvonne Orijii; April Daniels, Philanthropist of “The Girlfriends Corner”; Anthony O’neil, host of “The Table Podcast; Dr. Anita Phillips, Trauma Therapist and many more. The topics in these sessions gave the women in attendance the opportunity to choose courage, move forward, release and let go of the residue from traumatic events or experiences,  and embrace the process with a new and clear perspective on life, family, career, and ministry so that they can grow, heal, mature, and allow God to expand their lives in the way He intended.

When you are on the cusp of evolving in something, God will give you the resources to propel you; He will begin to enlarge your mental capacity to receive limitless blessings and favor because you chose to follow God’s lead and release all things of the past that may have caused stagnation, doubt, fear, uncertainty, lack of confidence that would cause you to reject new beginnings, new ways to care for your health mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially. Each speaker projected the importance of embracing the process, truly walking through the healing process,  and never being ashamed of your story. Many spoke on how they could identify life’s challenges in walking in healing and wholeness, getting to the root of issues that may have silenced their voices for a season so that they could be equipped to evolve. The transparency unlocked hidden things within so that God could increase. God desires us to live a life of resilience, which gives us the ability to endure and regain strength to recover from the many difficulties in life. Pastor Cheryl Brady spoke a powerful message on the importance of being a  resilient woman. She said, “You will never have courage, confidence, strength, or resilience because it takes resistance to build up resilience.”

Women were encouraged to keep walking in Jesus and allow Him to care for whatever is ahead! Devon Franklin shared during his interview with the team concerning those between pain and challenges before receiving the promise while in the process. He shared that it is crucial to identify and understand if you are on the right path to purpose and to be sure that it is the path God wants you on. When you are sure, you must understand that before you walk into the promise of living and walking in it, you must go through the process. Regardless of the challenges, the setbacks, and feelings of uncertainty and stagnant, if you are on God’s path for your life, you must continue with the process, trust God in everything, and never let the promise confuse you because of how you have to be processed because God’s way is always better. This conference uplifted many who wanted to throw in the towel and give up.

Each day was designed to draw those closer to God and to be in a receiving posture to truly hear those whom God released to deliver messages of hope, love, understanding, support, transparency, and sisterhood as a reminder that God will never leave you nor forsake you! Women Evolve represented Jeremiah 1:5 M.S.G: “Before I shaped you in the womb, I knew all about you. Before you saw the light of day. I had holy plans for you, A prophet to the nations that what I had in mind for you”. Therefore, God is aware of everything concerning your life, and you must obey and trust to see you through it all. The destination is worth the route that you had to be on. God would not put more on you than what you can bear. This was an experience in which you had to be there to fully understand what took place in the spiritual and what God released in the atmosphere for those ready to follow Him and walk in purpose.

Pastor Sarah pursued God no matter what she faced. God fulfilled His promise concerning her life and ministry and equipped her to expand and enlarge her capacity, perspective, boldness, courage, and confidence so that she could represent, support, stand by, teach, love, train, and minister to women who were ready to EVOLVE God’s way! From worship with Psalmist Naomi Raine to the prayers and intercession that went forth! Women could be relaxed and comfortable to laugh, cry, release, worship, praise, dance, have a time of fellowship, networking, and receive what was orchestrated in the heavens before this time was thought of! If you are still deciding if you want to attend next year’s conference and truly believe in God’s vision for Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts and the Women Evolve Movement, be sure to connect and stay updated so that you can experience Women Evolve 2024! Stay connected with K.I.S.H. Magazine. Special thanks to the Founder and C.E.O. of K.I.S.H. Magazine, Dr. Kishma George, for the opportunity to be a contributing writer. 

Last modified: October 2, 2023