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Women of Dignity: Next Generation

CEO Renee Huffman
Women of Dignity Media Digital Stories

Renee Huffman was born and raised in San Diego, California to Carl Bradford and Betty Jackson. Her grandmother was a big influence in her life teaching her the word of God. She gave her life to Jesus Christ and was filled with the Holy Ghost in 2003 at the age of 22. She has served in many areas in the body of Christ such as Street Evangelism, Prison Ministry, Women’s Shelters, and Director of Women Conferences. Renee Huffman has over 20 plus years of proven experience in the Financial, Mortgage, Healthcare, and Telecommunication Industries, where she has expertise with working with Fortune 500 companies such as AT&T, ING, BOEING, and ExxonMobil. Currently she transitioned out of Corporate America to develop her own media company called Women of Dignity Media. Her current mission (WOD Media) with Digital Stories solely focuses on the stories of incredible women who have impacted their local, national, and global communities. With a passion for success these women represent the CEO’s of nonprofit organizations, ministry, corporations, authors, and small businesses. These women are audacious, well educated, and God centered women. Renee felt these particular women amazing stories required broadening locally, nationally, and global level to express their worth and value. Renee has been called a modern-day Harriet Tubman. Her ambition is to bring forth the outcast, orphans, mentally enslaved, and forgotten ones to a platform God placed on the inside of them. To shake a nation that longs and thirsty for the answer and solution of Jesus’s Christ. Renee is impacting her local community through her nonprofit Dressed N Dignity. This organization mission statement is to empower women to walk in excellence in business, community, and family life by providing professional services in business communications, work attire, and etiquette training. Their vision statement is to transform, empower, and enhance the lives of each woman as each woman becomes the mirror that reflects the next generation. Renee’s goal with women and youth is to discovery their hidden treasure and knowing what their value is worth and conquer the world with their unique gift. One of Renee’s favorite stories is the Tortoise & Hare the moral of the story is never underestimating the weakest opponent. Some people assumed she would finish in last place in her life. But she’s adamant and decided to crawl, walk, and run until she reaches her finish line. Renee is not in competition with the world, but focused to win the race at her own momentum. Her personal life quote is “Stay in your lane or be disqualified.”

Scarlett Tabor
Founder of A Feminine & Fabulous SystemTM
Individual Coaching and Online Memberships

Scarlett Tabor is a Women’s Empowerment Mentor and Relationship Coach who helps single and married women end toxic cycles so they can feel true happiness and thrive in their relationships. As a wife and mother of three, Scarlett started her coaching business, A Feminine & Fabulous SystemTM, in 2018 to help other women raise their self-esteem and self-confidence, feel empowered, and learn to be unapologetically fabulous.

Although she occasionally touches upon self-reflection and other ‘coachy’ things, she delivers a powerful message to her clients through tough love and laughter. Scarlett also evaluates her client’s close friendships and relationships from a loving and non-judgmental perspective to reveal and eliminate destructive patterns. Scarlett’s aim is to push her clients out of their comfort zone to manifest change.

Prior to her starting her business, Scarlett got pregnant at the age of 19 and had to learn how to be responsible with her emotions, finances, friendships and relationships at an early age. She endured many things through the course of her life such as custody battles, depression, welfare, car repossession, co-worker tension, and family separation. It was after the many storms that Scarlett decided to release all of her emotions, disappointments and worries and lay them at the feet of God. As she began to prioritize her spiritual, physical and mental well-being, her life began to turn around. Her favorite quote is “After going through the fire and pressure, a diamond emerges.”

Scarlett has spent over fifteen years as a women’s mentor, youth leader, event planner, ballroom dance teacher and administrative assistant. She met her husband in 2008 at a ballroom dance studio in Portland, Oregon where their love flourished into a marriage of 10 years. The many trials in her marriage was the catalyst that birthed her coaching business which has helped innumerable women.

Today Scarlett offers a wide range of programs and services – from one-on-one coaching to online memberships focused on Self-Care.

To contact Scarlett, please visit her website at www.ScarlettTabor.com or email her at Scarlett@feminineandfabulous.com

Adrienne Leary
Butterfly Blossom
Facebook/Butterfly Blossom

My name is Adrienne Leary. I’m the founder of Butterfly Blossom, it is a ministry that is gear towards restoring broken relationships amongst mothers and daughters and families.Our vision is to reach women who are facing brokenness from relationships, suffering from the hurt of their past, and helping with bitterness and anger through our life experience with our family. I started this ministry after being given the opportunity to lead a mother’s and daughters retreat, we saw an abundance of support and donations from the women that were excited about the retreat. Following that experience I witnessed there was a lot of hearts that needed to be mended by every attendee that shared from a place of hurt. In the process God restored their relationship and there wasn’t one dry eye in the room. I too had an experience with my mother that God allowed us though her sickness of breast cancer to have a relationship of healing during her time on earth before she transition to heaven in 2012,because of that restoration it then lead me to a new profound appreciation wanting to restoring my relationship with my daughters that left me speechless in wanting a deeper desire in seeing restoration in relationship happen for others. That is why I was inspired to host a mother and daughter luncheon that is held every year before Mother’s Day so we can fellowship with each other. Following the luncheon there has been an excitement as we work on building newness, also developing a respect for daughters and mothers. So that we Understand the importance of restoring healthy communication that allows us to know the relationship and have better balance in our everyday life changes. Since starting the luncheon we have gotten testimonials of restoration and how it has been impactful to the women’s and even to point that mothers and daughters share their concerns about their weren’t any communicating on both end, but before ending the luncheon we do a alter call for prayer which allows you have conversation with God, after sharing in prayer relationships have been reconciled, as an intercessor I’m constantly praying for restoration of families. As a result of my consistent prayer life I’m constantly being called on to pray for others. I don’t take it lightly when I’m called to be a vessel used for the kingdom. I’m passionate about staying connected and building a legacy for my family to have.

Diana Etheridge
Ministry: Travailing Women Ministry
Email: travailingwomenministries@yahoo.com

Lady Diana Etheridge, affectionately known as “Lady Di”, is a fine example of a virtuous woman who is drawn to doing the will of God. She is a woman of great strength and integrity——-a woman of true virtue and full of faith.

Lady Etheridge holds a Bachelor of Arts in Management, an Honorary Doctorate in Ministry, and through training and expertise she served as an advocate for children’s rights for the State of Texas, where she is now retired and now works full time in Ministry.

Dedicated, determined, and committed to serving God and building His kingdom, Lady Etheridge strives continuously as a woman of excellence. Her quest for excellence is displayed consistently at Shekinah Glory Community Church where she faithfully and tirelessly serves as a minister of the gospel, prayer warrior/intercessor, Praise and Worship Team Leader, and Founder/Advisor of Travailing Women Ministry. Lady Etheridge is passionately and confident as a virtuous woman of God. Lady Etheridge possesses a heart for the women of God that causes her to offer encouragement and speak words of life to recapture the woman that God created and called forth. Through a vision, she was led to organize Travailing Women Ministry where she ministers to those who have been hurt, broken, torn, and shattered. The calm, loving spirit God has placed in Lady Etheridge causes lives to be transformed, shaped, and molded into the women God desires for them to be.

Lady Etheridge started a business in May 2019, called Lady Di’s Bling. She is a lover of shoes and when the Lord told her to use her hands, she took that word from God and her business was established in 2019. Lady Etheridge prides herself in making anything that she touches Beautiful, that is why her business Lady Di’s Bling is more than a business, it’s a ministry that the Lord has given her to do.

One of her favorite verses is Psalms 51:10 which say’s “Create in me a Clean Heart and renew a right spirit within me.”

Even with the many hats that Lady Etheridge wears and the awesome demands on her life through ministry, she is the devoted wife of the Honorable Bishop Robert L. Etheridge II, the mother of three lovely daughters, and a proud grandmother of seven beautiful grandchildren.

Lady Diana Etheridge is truly a woman of God who lives the life she Preach, Teach and sings about.

Labresha Bibles
Nonprofit:Sisters United Strong Hands All In The Family

We have all heard the saying “Each One Teach One” but we really understand the meaning? My name is LaBresha Bibles and I am the CEO and Founder of “Sisters United Strong Hands All In The Family (A.I.T.F)” nonprofit. Our 7 Core Values Consist of LOVE, INTEGRITY,AUTHENTICITY, DISCIPLINE, INNOVATION, PROFESSIONALISM AND ACCOUNTABILITY! My nonprofit consists of a few core programs: Diamond for Diamonds Women Empowerment Coaches, Diamond for Diamonds Peer Leadership Counseling, emotional resource and support for families, financial literacy empowerment, single mom family housing and child development! The Diamond for Diamonds Women empowerment coaches are WISE Women who have embraced the power of different cultural backgrounds of both women and girls to share commonalities while working together to impact social and community changes! The Diamond for Diamonds Peer Leadership Counseling provides guidance to pre-teen moms but not limited to emotional resources and support for families to all children from the age 5 to 17, and Parents of these children to help with any challenges of adolescent life to self-sufficient adulthood! The financial literacy empowerment core provides literacy to parents, teachers, K-12 students, colleges and adults on how to pay your bills, how to borrow and save money, how to establish and maintain good credit, but not limited to these! I must help others to understand and properly apply financial management skills. The core program for single mom families housing and child development allows no one to be left behind for the sake of but not limited to the needs of housing assistance, food program, clothing, medical care, legal services, educational opportunities, and more! Overall, this core program focuses on women to make sure her physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs are being met at all cost! As a single mom and widow there were many days I wondered how I would feed my children, and do day to day activities for and with them. I absolutely believe that we are a product of our environment, even though there is one adult, each child should have access to the same advantages as a two parent household. I say this all the time, “it is not what you know in most cases it is who you know”. I want to be known for helping to provide all resources to each and every family. I will not stop until Diamond for Diamonds is amongst every household and in every community, city, state and school! I honestly believe “When WE Empower WOMEN, WE Empower COMMUNITIES! When WE Empower COMMUNITIES, WE Empower a NATION!”

Last modified: July 21, 2020