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Quinn Sisters Serve Up Success As Youngest Bakery Owners In The USA

By Arthia Nixon

Byron, Georgia… At eight and 10, sisters Zariah and Aniah Quinn are believed to be the youngest brick and mortar bakery owners in the USA. Their names are on the business documents and their videos show how hands-on they are with creating cookies, cupcakes and all that their customers have learned to love from the Ziggy and Tootie Cakes bakery.

With the onset of COVID19, the girls’ business partner and mother, Sheva advised them to shut down the bakery as she has lupus. Customers kept calling and the girls wanted to return to the bakery. She reluctantly did, ensuring they were the only three people who would be in and out of the building and they adjusted.

The girls, who loved vending at various events switched to online orders and now items are shipped across the USA as well as Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Nigeria and Kenya. Within a week, Ziggy and Tootie began posting videos of their orders.

“I keep telling people I work for Ziggy and Tootie,” says their mother Dr. Sheva Quin, an author, business coach and founder of Black Classical University. “This bakery was never in my dreams. Yes, I love baking but at the same time I didn’t plan to co-own a bakery. I just started showing the girls on my social media baking with me, people on the live feeds wanted to support and began placing orders and here we are today.”

The business is far from child’s play for the kidprenuer sisters. They attended Chamber of Commerce events, learned how to pitch and win startup funds and even held kid baking classes at their bakery prior to COVID.

“We just wanted to save up enough money to go to Disney World,” admits Zaria. “And to buy a dog.”

“It’s not really hard because we know how to do a lot of things by ourselves but our mom supervises us,” Aniyah added. “We both like to decorate the most. But I like to do the measuring and my sister likes to do the mixing.”

The sisters’ business has become so successful, they have earned more in one week during the COVID19 pandemic than they used to make in one month. As for their hotsellers, they are known for their logo designed cupcakes, key lime cupcakes, Georgia chocolate praline cookies and their keto and vegan cake options.

The daughters of retired military service members, Ziggy and Tootie always set aside a portion for military families.

For more information visit www.ziggyandtootiecakes.com

Last modified: August 18, 2020